Description of activities

We create the LCA Trainer Development Framework, LCA self-assessment sheet, LCA Guidelines for Primary schools, curricula of three study subjects called „The learner-centred approach 1B, 2B and 1M, a curriculum of a study subject called „Self-management Learn&Lead“ for student-teachers in their final year of the Master ́s study, two curricula for LLL innovative programmes for in-service teachers „Application of the LCA for Teachers“ and „Teacher Self-management and development – Learn&Lead“, train in-service teachers and managers in the „Learner-centred approach “ and “Learn&Lead Self-management”, managers in all types of schools and Universities in the developing excellent schools based on the EFQM model, LCA teacher-trainers who will work with the trained teachers in their schools and countries and organize two LCA International Conferences.

Implementation of student-centered learning and teaching means:

  • to respect and pay attention to the diversity of students and their needs and to allow flexibility in trajectories in their study,
  • where appropriate, consider and use different ways of providing education
  • flexibly use of the whole spectrum of pedagogical methods and forms
  • regularly evaluate and improve the application of pedagogical methods, forms and ways of education
  • foster students‘ sense of autonomy and self-support while providing them with appropriate guidance and support from the teacher
  • encourage the mutual respect between student and teacher relationships
  • have formalized appropriate structures and processes to handle student complaints and suggestions. Given the current set-up of the accreditation system and the quality system of universities in Slovakia, we perceive the objectives of our project as topical. An innovative factor in this project is the fact that we have linked the system of higher education, private educational institutions, primary schools and the system of excellence. This system closes the circle of transferring high-quality learner-oriented education in the education of future teachers and their practical training in our model elementary schools.