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Background of the project

We take a holistic approach in which we work with all levels of training in synergy. We begin with the development of teachers ́competences and their self-management and leadership. We design the guidelines for primary schools that choose the transformation in the Learner-Centred Approach (LCA), where we follow Gabriela Lojová ́s 7 key principles of LCA – active learning, content (relevant knowledge), cognitive + affective domains, approach to learners (acceptance, encouragement), positive learning atmosphere, teacher ́s role and learners ́role. This project is built on three key interconnected frameworks: implementing the LCA in line with the model of excellence based on the EFQM model and the Harmony ́s Learn&Lead self-management and development idea developed in a number of Erasmus+ projects. These perfectly fit the developmental project focused on quality assurance led by FECU and other projects of the partners.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to increase the quality of University education through the implementation of the learner-centred approach,
  • to develop excellent schools based on the EFQM model of excellence,
  • to develop the Learn&Lead functional self-management and development pathway of a teacher within the school environment.

The desired main objectives will be achieved by the following specific objectives:

1. Create the LCA Trainer Competence Framework. This will comprise of set of core competences of the learner-centred approach, the definition of developmental phases of teachers and the quality standards for each phase which altogether form the career path of teachers and teacher-trainers.
2. LCA Self-Assessment Sheet for a Teacher
3. Develop LCA Guidelines for Primary schools.
4. Create curricula of three study subjects called „Leaner-centred approach 1B, 2B and 1M“. 1B for student -teachers in their 2nd year of the Batchelor ́s study, 2B for student-teachers in their 3rd year of the Batchelor ́s study and 1M in their first year of the Master ́s study.
5. Create a curriculum of a study subject called „Self-management – Learn&Lead“ for student-teachers in their final year of the Master ́s study.
6. Create a curricullum of a life long learning teacher-training programme called “Application of the learner-centred approach”
7. Create a curricullum of a life long learning teacher-training programme called “Teacher Self-development and management – Learn&Lead”.
8. Train the in-service teachers in the „Learner-centred approach“ training course
9. Train the in-service teachers in the “Self-management – Learn&Lead” training course
10. Train managers of all types of schools in the “Building excellent schools based on the EFQM model of excellence”
11. Train the LCA trainers who will work with the trained teachers in their schools after the project finishes.
12. Organize two LCA International Conferences.

Target groups of this project are the following

1. pre-service teachers (students in Faculties/Institutions of Education = future teachers)
2. in-service teachers (at Universities and primary schools)
3. in-service teacher-managers (at Universities and primary schools)

Needs of the target groups

1. pre-service teachers (students in Faculties/Institutions of Education = future teachers)students in bachelor ́s study – they need to study the theory about the learner-centred approach and gain some basic skills during their University study in specialized LCA study subjects students in master ́s study – they need to apply the gained skills and knowledge of LCA into their teaching, and develop their competencies in model schools both in their teaching approaches as well as their communication and leadership skills
2. in-service teachers (at universities and primary schools) update and upgrade their teaching practices, widen their knowledge about the learner-centred approach, advance their self-awareness,
self-management, social awareness and relationship management via the Learn&Lead programme
3. in-service teacher-managers (at universities and primary schools widen their knowledge in the building excellent schools based on the EFQM model and help them create such a working environment in which the application of the learner-centred approach will be possible.

This project and its main objective is valid throughout the whole Europe and therefore we see its benefits for all the partners by building international, cross-cultural and professional networking of teachers, managers and teacher-trainers in all the partner countries. The future mobility Erasmus+ programmes for pre-service teachers will be an option for universities that will be able to send their student-teachers to the model schools in other EU country within their internship studies.